Dept. of Gynaecology

Dept. of Gynecology

  • Adolescent health and well women’s clinic
  • Menopause clinic
  • All routine gynae surgery-operation for fibroids, hysterectomy, ovarian cysts, prolapse of the uterus

Family planning counseling and operations

  • Advance operative laparoscopic surgery
  • Hysteroscopy –diagnostic and operative

Cancer screening clinic

with facilities of PAP smear, PCR for PV colposcopy,(with American Borze colposcope), FNAC, Tumor markers, TVS, sono mammography, nuclear scans, bone scans.

Cervical cancer prevention vaccine –against HPV

Urogynaecology operations are done with a combined team of urologist and gynaecologist

Dedicated team of OT and nursing staff for highly professional operative and postoperative care

Endocrine problems in gynaecology

Obesity clinic

Counseling services

Obstetrics and high risk pregnancy unit

Well equipped labour room with state of the art fetal monitoring Cardiotocograph to watch babies heart beat and monitor the progress of labour .

Highly trained and cordial staff to monitor and help you through the beautiful journey to bring your baby in this world.

State of the art NICU facilities with a dedicated team of neonatologists.

Full time OT and Anaesthesia team for Painless labour and Caesarean section deliveries.

All labour patients are individually monitored by one nurse and the resident doctor is available 24 hrs. All deliveries are personally conducted by a senior gynaecologist, DR SUMITA PRABHAKAR who has special training in high risk pregnancy management and has been certified by the American College of Obstetricians for the above. She has also worked in UK and Malaysia in high risk pregnancy units.

Physiotherapy unit -antenatal and post natal exercises are taught

Dietician-counselling about all special dietary needs


Call +91-135-2520042  to get more information about free antanatal classes

Birth registration -information can be taken from gynae OPD (Room 104)

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