Embryo Transfer

Embryos are put back into the ladies womb with the help of a thin catheter called embryo transfer catheter.The technique is gentle and painless. Usually, no anesthesia or sedation is needed.

Embryos are transferred on day 3-5 after the pickup process.

The patient is made to rest in the hospital for a few hours and then she can go home. No dietary restriction is required.Certain medicines for pregnancy support are advised which should be taken regularly.

Progesteron injections are usually given for luteal (pregnancy) support.The patient is usually called after  2 weeks for a blood test to confirm pregnancy called serum beta HCG.

In case patient notices any abnormal symptoms of swelling over the abdomen, decreased urination, excessive vomiting, fever etc one must consult the doctor immediately as these might be signs of ovarian hyperstimulation.

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