Dept. of Neonatology

  • Neonatology Services
  • All deliveries are personally attended by the senior pediatrician
  • In-house 6-bed, level III, neonatal & Paediatric intensive care unit & children’s ward is available so that mothers & newborn babies remain under the same roof, should intensive neonatal care become necessary in a high-risk pregnancy.
  • Their experienced Paediatricians & Neonatologists provide 24-hours cover to deal with any kind of unforeseen emergencies. They have a vast experience in management of twin pregnancies resulting from infertility & IVF treatment.
  • Vaccination
  • Instructions regarding feeding & nutrition of the newborn babies
  • Indoor admission facility near NICU for nursing mothers
  • Phototherapy & exchange transfusion for newborn jaundice
  • C PAP system available for needy preterm & sick baby with respiratory distress.

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