IVF in India

IVF in India

Rich History Of IVF In India: Were we the actual pioneers

IVF in India had a chequered past. From a state of total ignominy in the in the late seventies to become one of the most popular streams of medicine today. The initial awe of the procedure has faded & patients have  become quite knowledgeable and open to the procedure.

Cornerstones: Tearingly Important Four Things About ‘Ivf In India’

  1. IVF in India IVF in India has four salient features
  2. Permissive legal framework: the legal framework in India permits IVF
  3. Surrogacy an important part of IVF is permissible in India and Indian women available for surrogacy are healthy and cooperative.
  4. Cost medicines and procedures are much more competitive the cost in other, other parts of the world.
  5. The Indian doctors have good quality standards and provide world-class consultation and treatment.

Easy, Quick, Simple : Can we make IVF that!

India has been steadily emerging as a tourist destination and hence medical tourism makes a lot of sense especially for things like IVF. Also India is a economically more competitive in terms of cost of stay as well as availability of world-class hospitality services on the question of surrogacy quality of surrogacy in India is markedly good the willing volunteers are generally free from infections is a STD since in India in general promiscuity is not prevalent the volunteers are religious minded and openhearted and generally helpful to the IVF couple. The services they offer is also much reduced cost than what is internationally.
Given that, the legal framework is pervasive in India still be international couples looking for surrogacy in India need to get all necessary permission from the embassies so that they can take the child born to IVF back to the nations without any problems.

On the question of facilities and available technology, India is quite comfortable. There are a number of centres available in the metros mini metros and the A class towns.

Right Now: Today IVF In India

However, there is much scope for standardization of the results.
Further, since most of the process involves subtly calculated parameters IVF in India remains a little cagey. Much is dependent on the center and its sensitivity to patient needs. However, a patient is well advised to read-up on the processes and the preliminary testing regime of IVF. She should frankly discuss the critical issues as ‘chances of success’ , ‘costs, ‘logistics involves’ and her ‘suitability’ for an ivf attempt.

Are Domestic & International patients different?

It is however reported that  in practice the in-country patients getting ‘ivf in India’ are much reckless on these issues and in the process end up increasing the probability of failure. On the reverse, the international patients in India experience high success rate since they are both well read on the subject and are careful in following the medical advice given to them to the letter.

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